Dassian Program Plans and Controls (PPC)

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    Dassian Program Plans and Controls (PPC)

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Dassian Program Plans and Controls (PPC)

Dassian Program Plans and Controls (PPC) enables SAP® customers to build on their investment and provide program managers with the tools necessary for effective Integrated Program Management (IPM) and Earned Value Management (EVM).

Photo of the Dassian PPC dashboard.

The Dassian PPC application provides best of breed capability within the SAP ERP technology framework. PPC enables real-time IPM with a focus on baseline planning and EAC forecasting - without needing interfaces to third party applications.

Simple, Web-based User Experience

Dassian PPC is a simple to use, fully integrated cost control application. Features include adjustable discrete planning increments, flexible rate decks, ability to plan management reserve and undistributed budget as well as fully burdened rates. PPC features a web-based, process-centric user interface, making it simpler and more intuitive to use.

Program management analytics.

Dassian's PPC supports the ANSI/EIA 748 EVMS and U.S. Government Integrated Program Management reporting requirements. PPC now offers a new web-based Program Management Reporting (PMR) suite including real-time program management analytics and robust executive dashboard to help you monitor your projects and enable corrective actions.

Key Features

  • Planning data and actuals in one system
  • Cost integration leveraging SAP finances
  • Program baseline management and forecasting (EAC)
    • Resource planning and budgeting
    • Robust change control and snapshot history
    • Planning accelerators facilitate ETC calculation
  • Full ANSI/EIA 748 compliant EVM capability
  • U.S. Government CPR/IPMR reporting
  • Control Account (CA) / Work Package (WP) management
    • CA and WP authorisation documents
    • OBS/Alternate hierarchy functionality in SAP
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Real-time reports and vivid graphical analysis
  • Process-based user experience (UX) with role-based authorisations
Executive dashboard.

Key Benefits

  • Improved productivity by minimising redundant data entry
  • Native integration with SAP means enhanced data quality and integrity
  • Highly auditable design
  • Ability to easily customise the user experience
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI) for your current software architecture
  • No additional infrastructure, interfaces or data conversion tools required