At a Glance

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    L-3 CSW

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    $1B USD

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    Salt Lake City, UT

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L-3 CSW is a leading provider of networked communicaitons solutions for high-performance intelligence collection, imagery processing and satellite communications for DoD and other government agencies.

Key Challenges

  • Decommissioning 176 separate legacy business systems and 3500 programs
  • Reaching end of life running on a 40+ year old mainframe system
  • Large volume of dis-integrated databases
  • Redundant data across applications
  • Data silos between organizations
  • Difficulty with drill down for reporting

Implementation Highlights

  • 24 month implementation
  • Over 21 modules in SAP ERP
  • Scope include all major functions in supply chain, manufacturing, PLM, finance, MRO, global trade services and business intelligence
  • Trained over 500+ employees on new system and processes

Lessons Learned

  • Clear understanding of requirements
  • Consultants must have deep government contracting knowledge
  • Bring in industry experts early on in the project to maximize design
  • Leverage industry best practices
  • Look to pre-built COTS versus custom


  • One source of truth with common data across all modules
  • Robust project-centric processes and reporting
  • Ability to run all major A&D business processes supporting complex manufacturing and MRO
  • Provides common business processes and scalability

Why Dassian

  • Government contracting expertise
  • Provides proven COTS ERP solutions for government contractors
  • Dassian software plugs into SAP A&D industry best practices
  • Pre-configured solutions for rapid deployment
  • Reduced project risk and better business outcome

Benefits and KPI’s

  • 10% faster month end close
  • Leverage one enterprise technology
  • Minimized customizations by using Dassian COTS software
  • Reduce long term cost of ownership with a fully scalable platform
  • Increased On-time Delivery